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ETC Express Basics:
Quick-Start Guide

I wrote this guide while I was at WLHS, in the hopes that somebody would actually read it, since I was one of only a few people that actually knew how to run the board. The main problem with this was that we were all graduating, leaving nobody who knew how to run the board (except our TD). With that in mind, this guide is written so that anyone with a basic knowledge of lighting terms ("cue", "channel" and so on) could pick up the manual and figure out how to use the board.

People who have not used the ETC Express line of consoles may find this guide helpful, to learn key functions of the console. It is not written to give some joe off the street the knowledge to patch, record and execute an entire show. It will, however, enable a competent electrician to do just that. And not much else--I don't go into any fancy things like timecode or programming moving lights... If you want to learn that, read the 300 page manual.

If you find any errors with the guide, or would like to make any suggestions, please feel free to email me. My address can be found at the end of the guide. Feel free to distribute it, as long as you do not alter the file in any way. Also, check back here every now and then to see if a new version has been released. And while you're waiting for the massive file to download, check out some of my latest work.

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